Know your neighbourhood - 25: Krishnarajapuram & around

Overview: KR Puram had been a small hamlet on the way to Kolar, holding an interesting story. This village was a part of Ganga period during Sripurusha and evidence can be found in the Hero Stones or Veeragallu found at Krishnarajapuram town. An inscription near the Mahabaleshwara temple complex, now preserved in the Bangalore museum, mentions about the place 'Hosauru' and about one Mareya’s sacrifices for the protection of village. The name of the place was changed to Krishnapura from around 1816 during the Wodeyar period. The Yelemallappa Shetty lake is one of the biggest lakes in the city. KR Puram hosts one of the oldest markets in the city where farmers from Kolar and Mulbagal sell their produce. Also there are a couple of ancient temples near the village lake. 

Mahabaleshwara temple complex

Ganga Sripurusha inscription

KR Puram Market

A short distance from Krishnarajapuram is the village of Hoodi, where a few inscriptions have been found, the notable one near a Devi temple. This inscription dated 1332 of Ballala III, mentions about the grants made by Belaga Nayaka to Mukutisetti of Chikka Hoodi to establish a fair and gave him the position of 'Pattanaswamy' at Chikka Hoodi. There is another Veeragallu at Mahadevapura recording a battle.

Herostone at Mahadevapura
Hoodi inscription

The region has a few well known industries set up such as NGEF and ITI Limited. India Tin Industries or popularly known as Tin Factory is a popular landmark near Krishnarajapuram. Time has wiped out most of the history from KR Puram after the coming of the Outer Ring Road, IT companies, railway bypasses and the cable stayed bridge. The area is now struggling to cope up with choking traffic, increasing vehicles and pollution. Another heritage site is at Beniganahalli, which is a 19th century hall which was probably used by travelers in those days.

Chennakeshava temple, Beniganahalli

KR Puram Cable bridge
Krishnarajapuram Railway station

ITI, KR Puram

Around 3km north of Krishnarajapuram is the village of Bidrahalli, which leads us to a 15th century Kashi Vishwanatha temple from the Vijayanagara times. There are a few inscriptions inside the temple, most of them worn out. The pillars of the temple are adorned with beautiful carvings. Very close to this temple is a beautiful stepwell, known as Kashi Bhavi.

Kashi Vishwanatha temple, Bidrahalli
Kashi Bhavi

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