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Madhya Pradesh Trip-3: Visit to Chitrakoot

Watch the full video here Overview: I first heard about Chitrakoot while watching the TV series Ramayan in the 1980s. Then later read several books and heard from different people how important Chitrakoot is in Indian history. I reached Chitrakoot from Gwalior at around 4am in the morning, and I had booked the Retiring room at Chitrakoot Railway station for my accomodation. But unfortunately after reaching ChitrakootDham railway station, I found the Retiring room in a shabby conditon and in complete darkness. People were sleeping on the platform and there was nobody to guide me on the retiring room. So finally I decided to move out of the station and look for accomodation. I managed to get a single room just opposite the Railway station for Rs 800. There are several options for stay near the railway station, and since I had my next train past midnight, I preferred some place quite close so that I can just walk to the train station. I got freshened up and at around 7:30am, I ventured ou

Bidar: An interesting place at the northern tip of Karnataka

Overview: Living in Bangalore and belonging to Southern Karnataka, its very difficult for me to explore the far away districts of Karnataka. Luckily because of a friend’s wedding I got a chance to explore Bidar. Though there are very limited places to see in & around Bidar, the places are very interesting and worth seeing. I explored the following 3 places in Bidar during my trip. Click on each of the place to view description: 1) Bidar Fort 2) Jharni Narasimhaswamy temple 3) Gurudwara Nanak Jhira How to reach: Bus/Train: KSRTC Volvo buses ply from Bangalore to Bidar everyday. Bidar can also be reached by train by 16594 Bangalore-Nanded Link express which leaves Bangalore City at 11pm everyday and reaches Bidar at 3:10pm the following day. The return train leaves Bidar at 12:30pm everyday and reaches Bangalore City at 6:10am the following day. By Bike/Car: The best route by own vehicle can by by taking NH 7 to Hyderabad, before entering Hyderabad, turn towards Zaheerabad to re

Lost Temples of Karnataka: Degaon

This Post is a part of the Chalukya Trail. Please Click here to read the main post Overview: We started our Day 2 of our Chalukya trail early in the morning towards Degaon in Belgaum district. To reach here, turn left near Kittur cross, and the village roads lead to Degaon which is around 8 kms from the NH4. Degaon, or Devgaon is known for the Lakshmi Narayana temple built by the Kadambas which was taken over by the Chalukyas later. The temple is divided into 3 cells, the first one dedicated to Narayana, the second one dedicated to Lakshmi-Narayana, and the third one dedicated to Kamala. The doorways are very well carved and its really pleasure to watch the intricate carvings which goes into it. The ceiling is carved with lotus which is adorable.               Nearby places: Kittur: 8 kms from Degaon is Kittur, the capital of the legendary Rani Chennamma. It is known for the fort belonging to the times of Rani Chennamma and a museum built which houses all the archaeological find

Anekere: From the Hoysala Diary…

This Post is a part of the Hoysala Diary. Please Click here to read the main post Overview: A small village near Channarayapatna has a beautiful temple dedicated to Chennakeshava. It was built by the Hoysalas in the 10th century but there are not many carvings as seen in other Hoysala temples. One special feature of this temple is a Kalasha which is placed on the top of the temple. To reach Anekere, Travel on Bangalore-Mangalore road till Channarayapatna. At CR Patna, ask for directions to Anekere. Buses are not available to reach Anekere. Shared auto or Private buses can be hired from Channarayapatna.        Map: View Larger Map