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Lake District, England: Nature’s County

  Overview:   Lake District, meaning the land of lakes is in the Cumbria county of England. We visited Lake District on the way back from our trip to Scotland, though the weather was not so pleasing with rains and fog all around. Apart from visiting a few silent places around the Lake District, we took a small hike to the Aira Force waterfalls. Fortunately, the rain had stopped and the hike was pretty easy with beautiful surroundings. True to its name, the water falls from a height of 66 feet with roaring noise. It is believed that this place has been the hunting place of the Duke of Norfolk.         After our return from the falls, we decided to move on towards Manchester for our Old Trafford stadium visit, the home of Manchester United football team's home ground. On the way in the Lake District we saw several small waterfalls flowing out after the rains. References: How to reach: Lake District has road links from th