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Therahalli: Ancient village tucked in the Shatashringa hills

Overview: Silently Hidden on the top of a hillock belonging to the Shatashringa range is a very old temple dedicated to Lord Gowri Gangadheeshwara. Though the temple is in ruins, the structure still holds the beauty and reflects the beauty of the architecture of some of the ancient dynasties of South India. This temple was originally built by the Gangas around 1200 years ago, then was taken over by the Cholas and the Vijayanagar rulers. The temple can be reached by foot or by road which leads right up to the temple at the top. The climb to the top by foot is very exciting with odd shaped rocks and some old mantapas and some small ruined temples on the way. Not to mention the breathtaking view of the Kolar city which can be experienced all through the ascent. The local villagers also use the same path to climb up and down the hill. We anyway went by car all through to the top.       The entrance to the temple is through a huge gopuram which is probably now half its size compared to