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Know your neighbourhood - 32: Hosakote Taluk

Overview: Hosakote was a prehistoric site with several stone age weapons discovered by historians since last few decades. The place was founded by Thamme Gowda according to a 15th century inscription on a copper plate. Hosakote has several ancient temples and mosques. There are several ancient temples in Hosakote old fort area and Brahmin’s street like Hanuman temple, Kashi Vishveshwara temple, Raghavendraswamy temple and Nagareshwara temple. One of the most prominent structures in Hoskote is the Avimukteshwara temple, built by one Thammegowda, the chief of Sugatur. A few metres away is the Panduranga temple, built in the 17th century by Raghunath Bhavji under the Peshwas. It is believed the temple entrance has been built over the old fort walls.  Hosakote lake sees plenty of migratory birds and offers a perfect location for birdwatchers and photographers. Some of the frequent visitors are Coots, Glossy Ibis, Spot billed Ducks, Spot billed Pelicans, Sandpipers, Cormorants and Brahminy