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Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag & Lakkundi

  This Post is a part of the Chalukya Trail. Please Click here to read the main post   Overview: From Aihole, the next place we visited was the Trikuteshwara temple in Gadag. Passing through the crowded streets of Gadag, we reached the Trikuteshwara temple. It looked like a temple lost in the civilization. Inside the temple, it was silent and we could closely admire the beauty of the sculptor who designed this temple. The inner sanctorum has sculptors of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Also has one more temple next to it dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. There is a huge well also which was closed for the visitors. The carvings and chiselling were so delicate and exquisite and is a masterpiece of the Kalyani Chalukyas.     On the way to Gadag, we also visited the Bhimambika temple at Itagi, which is known for the shrine of Bhimambika, who is believed to be Banashankari amma’s another form. We went for a quick visit there and had lunch at the temple. We could also see some Chalukyan r

Talagunda & Togarsi: Exploring remote places of rural Karnataka

Overview: Central Karnataka is full of historical structures revealing the glorious past of the Medeival kingdoms in South India. One such place we came across was Talagunda. Though nothing much to actually see here, this place must have been a hub during the Kadamba rule in Banavasi. A number of inscriptions have been found written in granite rock around this area.One temple that stands on the main road is the Praneshwara temple. It is known for the tall obelisk which has the story of victory inscribed in it. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it was worshipped during the Satakarni rulers and the shrine itself is believed to be constructed around 4th century. A Sanskrit inscription has been found which registers a grant of money for feeding 30 residents of Sthanakunjapura by Kakustha of the Bhatari family who was a feudatory of the Kadamba king. A few kilometers from Talagunda is a place called Togarsi which houses a temple on the top of a hill. The temple dedicated to

Hosur & Thorapalli: Quick getaways

Overview: I have been travelling on Hosur Road for several years now and also passed through Hosur on numerous occasions, totally ignoring the town next door. So we thought of exploring the little town which is like a gateway to Tamil Nadu from this side of Karnataka. Hosur is just 22 kms from Electronics City and usually takes less than 1 hour to reach the town. Hosur is a typical town in Tamil Nadu, very crowded and chaotic. There is a street full of vegetable vendors and hardly any space to move in between. We passed through the streets of Hosur and decided to pay a visit to C Rajagopalachari or commonly known as Rajaji's native place, Thorapalli. The native village of the last Governor- General of India is around 12 kms from Hosur. The road leading to this place is pretty decent and the village is well known so can ask for directions from the locals. The village is really quaint like any other village in India. The old house of Rajaji is well maintained with artefacts from va