Madhya Pradesh Trip-3: Visit to Chitrakoot

Watch the full video here Overview: I first heard about Chitrakoot while watching the TV series Ramayan in the 1980s. Then later read several books and heard from different people how important Chitrakoot is in Indian history. I reached Chitrakoot from Gwalior at around 4am in the morning, and I had booked the Retiring room at Chitrakoot Railway station for my accomodation. But unfortunately after reaching ChitrakootDham railway station, I found the Retiring room in a shabby conditon and in complete darkness. People were sleeping on the platform and there was nobody to guide me on the retiring room. So finally I decided to move out of the station and look for accomodation. I managed to get a single room just opposite the Railway station for Rs 800. There are several options for stay near the railway station, and since I had my next train past midnight, I preferred some place quite close so that I can just walk to the train station. I got freshened up and at around 7:30am, I ventured ou

Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag & Lakkundi

Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag & Bhimambika temple, Itagi

Overview: From Aihole, the next place we visited was the Trikuteshwara temple in Gadag. Passing through the crowded streets of Gadag, we reached the Trikuteshwara temple. It looked like a temple lost in the civilization. Inside the temple, it was silent and we could closely admire the beauty of the sculptor who designed this temple. The inner sanctorum has sculptors of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Also has one more temple next to it dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. There is a huge well also which was closed for the visitors. The carvings and chiselling were so delicate and exquisite and is a masterpiece of the Kalyani Chalukyas.
Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag Kalyani @Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag  Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag
On the way to Gadag, we also visited the Bhimambika temple at Itagi, which is known for the shrine of Bhimambika, who is believed to be Banashankari amma’s another form. We went for a quick visit there and had lunch at the temple. We could also see some Chalukyan ruins at Itagi.
Arch leading to Bhimambika temple, Itagi North Karnataka countryside Bhimambika temple, Itagi Bhimambika temple, Itagi Bhimambika temple, Itagi Ruins @ Itagi Ruins @ Itagi
How to reach:  Bus: From Bangalore, there are many direct buses to Gadag.
Car/Bike: From Davangere, head on NH4 towards Bankapura. At Bankapura cross, turn right to reach Gadag.

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