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Cabo Polonia: The Sands of the east-coast of Uruguay

Cabo Polonia: The Sands of the east-coast of Uruguay Overview: Cabo Polonia is a part of the Rocha department of Uruguay having natural wonders which are very popular during Summers. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia: Cabo Polonio sits on the tip of a moon-sliver shaped peninsula that extends into the Atlantic Ocean. The back side experiences relentless powerful waves, and on the inside of the moon-shaped area, the water comes calmly to shore. At the top end, a lighthouse stands over boulders tumbling into the sea. Two small, rocky islands dot the coast nearby. This village principal attraction is the Atlantic beach, with water and sand, a natural reserve of sea lions and one of the area's few mobile sand dunes, in which the sand is blown by the wind and moves around the sandy places and the dunes actually change their position. The village land is shared by the Uruguayan government and private owners. The government has included the area into the SNAP (Sistema Nacional de Área