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Museums of Bangalore: Indian Musical Experience

Watch the video here: Overview: I thought Bangalore just had 2-3 museums which are well known until a few years ago, but a little research opened up my thoughts as I discovered several museums within the city. I have decided to visit all the museums in the city and document those.  The first one on the list is the Indian Musical Experience in JP Nagar 7th phase. This beautiful museum is dedicated to the evolution and science behind different forms of music from traditional to contemporary.  As we enter the museum, in the inner courtyard, we can see a sound garden, where we can learn about the sounds created from natural things like wood, stones, and metals. We can try our hand in generating music as well. This area is well enjoyed by both adults and children. We then get inside the museum and the experience starts from the 3rd floor, where we are shown a small animated movie with different types of sound created by nature. From there we enter an interacti

Lost temples of Karnataka: Aralaguppe

This Post is a part of the Hoysala Diary. Please Click here to read the main post Overview: From Turuvekere we reached Aralaguppe passing through the beautiful countryside. Aralaguppe also has a number of old temples, one of which is the Keshava temple which we visited. The temple can be easily reached and one does not get the crowd to disturb as it is not known to many people. Built on a 4ft platform, the temple is carved exquisitely with sculptors of animals, dancers and many deities, also many carvings depicting various scenes from the Mahabharata. The interiors of the temple also has beautiful carvings and the beautiful idol of Keshava.           References: How to reach: By Car: We started from Bangalore taking the Bangalore-Mangalore road, before Bellur Cross, watch out for a sign board indicating Turuvekere. Turn left and reach Turuvekere. From there proceed towards Aralaguppe, from there, take the forest road which leads to Arsi

T Narsipura & Gargeshwari: Prayag of the South

Overview: After seeing a documentary on the Shiva temple at Gargeshwari, my parents wanted to visit that place once. We set off towards Gargeshwari on a bright Sunday morning. The drive to the temple was very scenic with agricultural fields all around and lot of greenery. We reached Gargeshwari in around 1.5 hrs from Bangalore. The temple is known for the Udbhavamurthy stone of Ardhanareeshwara. One more attraction here is the Yanthrodharaka Mahaganapathi which is around 5-6 kgs and its said to have miraculous powers. If any devotee has something in mind and successfully lifts the idol then whatever question he had in mind has a positive response and on the other hand if he fails to lift it then it is meant as a negative response.         T Narasipura is known for the Narsimhaswamy temple belonging to the Vijayanagara period. Situated at the confluence of 3 rivers - Kaveri, Kapila and Spatika Sarovara, the temple stands tall on the banks and is visited by pilgrims from many