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Wayanad: In the lap of nature : Part 2

To read Part-1, Please click here Day 2: Today we set off with another list of places in Wayanad. First up was the Kanthanpara waterfalls. This was even better than the other one we visited the previous day. We went to the top of the falls and sat on the rocks to enjoy the falls. The water was really cool and soothing. The main thing was that, it was early morning and there was no crowd at all which gave us complete privacy. We then went to the base of the falls and was really refreshing.       After a while at the falls we started towards the next point that was Chembra. We could only drive till a certain distance beyond which we have to trek for which we require a permit from the forest department. The trek is very popular among the youth and we have a heart shaped lake at the summit of Chembra Peak. The driver Senthil was very friendly and guided us all through the drive to Chembra. At the point where we parked our vehicle we could walk close to the tea plantations and we had a

Wayanad: In the lap of nature – Part 1

  To read Part 2, Please click here Overview: Weekend was approaching and we made a quick plan to visit Wayanad. As it was already Thursday and we were planning to reach there on Saturday, we could not book any resorts as well. All the buses were also full so no reservations. So either we had to postpone the trip or we had to make it more adventurous. We chose the latter option. We went to the Mysore road Satellite bus station in Bangalore hoping to get some seat in any bus. A KSRTC Rajahamsa bus was about to leave to Calicut which was full. The conductor also told that all the Karnataka KSRTC buses were full. We went to the Kerala KSRTC enquiry and were told that there is an ordinary bus at 11:30pm. We decided to take that bus. The moment the bus came to the platform, there was a chaos around and everyone was pushing each other to get into the bus. Both me and my wife managed to get seated together fortunately. The seats were also not very comfortable. No back rest and the seats we

Kundgol & Unkal, Hubli: From the Chalukya Trail

  This Post is a part of the Chalukya Trail. Please Click here to read the main post Overview: After visiting Bankapura, our next place was Kundgol which is in Dharwad district. We reached Kundgol in the evening by around 4:30pm. Kundgol is popular for the Shambhulinga temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was fortunately open and we had a view of the lord as well. The temple was built in the 11th century by the Chalukyas. This temple has been recently renovated and some colouring has been done and iron bars have been put along the temple area.      From Kundgol, we proceeded towards the final place for the day, the Chandramouleshwara temple in Unkal, Hubli. There is no proper approach road to this temple, so we parked our car at the entrance of the street and went to the temple. The temple is built on a high platform and is probably built out of sandstone, is lined with intricate carvings on the walls and pillars. The temple was built overlooking the Unkal lake, but due to en