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England: Hopping across Counties

  Overview:   Below is a glimpse of the places we visited within England during our stay in the UK(2012 and 2014). Some of the places will be described in detail in my forthcoming posts. 1. London city: There has not been a single weekend at home for us in London. The city has so much to offer. A historic city, with loads to do for all ages for any ethnicity, I would call it a true cosmopolitan.    2. Windsor Castle: A huge castle built on the banks of the river Thames by William the Conquerer in the 11th century. This is currently a royal residence of the Queen in the city of Windsor in Berkshire. More information can be found in the wikipedia site:     3. Lake District: The district Cumbria is known for its natural beautiful and vast freshwater lakes. We visited the Aira Force waterfalls at Lake District.    4. Manchester: We had a chance to visit Manchester on the way back from Lake district. We mainly visited the Manchester United footb