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Makalidurga: Story of a Railway station in the middle of hills

  Overview: Makalidurga is a small hillock just next to the railway station and is increasingly becoming popular with photographers, trekkers and just nature admirers. We didn't have trekking in mind on that Sunday and set off on our bikes towards Doddaballapur. Makalidurga is around 18 kms from Doddaballapur and is just past the junction of Ghati Subrahmanya. We reached the station and the view of the tracks and the surrounding hills was a beauty of a sight. This railway route is known for big boulders and hills around it. We parked our vehicles near the railway station and started walking on the tracks. We didn't actually intend to do trekking as we were not quite prepared for it. We did walk a fair distance on the tracks though which was fun. We saw a train coming from Bangalore heading towards Gouribidanur which was exciting to watch. This place is famous for the hills lined with lemon grass. We spent around a couple of hours in solitude and headed towards Gunjur Lake wh

Bhadravati: Pages from history…

  This Post is a part of the Hoysala Diary. Please Click here to read the main post Overview: We covered Bhadravati during our trip to Mattur-Hosahalli. In the middle of the city is the LakshmiNarasimhaswamy temple built by the Hoysalas in the 13th century. Being a Live temple, it is a bit crowded compared to other Hoysala temples. Intricate carvings line the walls and ceilings in the interior and the outer walls are carved with deities and dancers. To reach Bhadravati, travel along NH4 till Tumkur, before reaching Tumkur town, turn left towards Shimoga. Bhadravati is around 30 kms before Shimoga. Lot of KSRTC buses ply between Bangalore and Bhadravati.          References:,_Karnataka

Kaivara, Kailasgiri & Kotilingeshwara: A day well spent

  Overview: Kaivara is around 70 kms from Bangalore and is known for the legends associated with it. It is believed that the Pandavas spent sometime in Kaivara which was then known as Ekachakrapura during their exile, and it is also said that the legendary Bheema slayed the demon Bakasura in a hill near Kaivara. Kaivara is also known for the 18th century saint Kaivara Thatayya, or Yogi Narayana who lived here and has written many poems in praise of the Lord and also has written prophecies on the future events on Earth. There is a beautiful ashram in the middle of the Kaivara town. Painted in white, it is a big complex where accommodation and food is provided for the devotees. The ashram overlooks the hill which has a boulder in the shape of an eagle. That is supposed to be the hill where Bheema killed Bakasura. Next to the ashram there is a temple which is dedicated to Amar Narayanaswamy and it is said that the idol was installed by the Hoysalas. The temple has a huge tower with scu

Rock Climbing Series: Channarayanadurga, a lesser known hill fort

  Overview: Talking about offbeat trekking destinations around Bangalore, we came across Channarayanadurga, a hill fort built by Hyder Ali just opposite to the Madhugiri fort. It is a bit tricky to reach this place with not many signboards leading to this place from the main road. We reached the base of the hill late in the morning and started climbing even as the sun was beating down. We realised that it was not a perfect day for trekking and hiking. The trek is not a very difficult one on a normal day with steps carved out of rocks at some places. At one place it is very steep but not comparable to Madhugiri. On the top of the fort we have a small Ganesha temple which is in ruins. There is also a small pond where some kids were playing. Cool winds blowing at the top did a lot to soothe our souls. This fort, even though in proper condition after so many years, deserves to be promoted more and should be developed as a tourist destination.           How to reach: Bus: KSRTC buses p