Rock Climbing Series: Channarayanadurga, a lesser known hill fort


Overview: Talking about offbeat trekking destinations around Bangalore, we came across Channarayanadurga, a hill fort built by Hyder Ali just opposite to the Madhugiri fort. It is a bit tricky to reach this place with not many signboards leading to this place from the main road. We reached the base of the hill late in the morning and started climbing even as the sun was beating down. We realised that it was not a perfect day for trekking and hiking. The trek is not a very difficult one on a normal day with steps carved out of rocks at some places. At one place it is very steep but not comparable to Madhugiri. On the top of the fort we have a small Ganesha temple which is in ruins. There is also a small pond where some kids were playing. Cool winds blowing at the top did a lot to soothe our souls. This fort, even though in proper condition after so many years, deserves to be promoted more and should be developed as a tourist destination.

How to reach: Bus: KSRTC buses ply from Bangalore to Madhuguri regularly. Also Private buses are available from Kalasipalyam to Madhugiri. From Madhugiri, hire a private vehicle to reach Channarayanadurga.
By Car: Travel towards Tumkur road NH4. At Dobaspet, turn right towards Madhugiri. At Koratagere, turn right and watch out for signboard pointing to Siddarabetta. Turn left towards Siddarabetta and after a few kilometers, ask for directions to Channarayanadurga. The road leading to the right goes to Channarayanadurga.
Food/Accommodation: Its advisable to carry food from home as there are no proper restaurants on the way. The nearest restaurant is in Dobaspete (Kamat Upachar).
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  1. Magnificent fort and historically significant. Lovely views from the top.

  2. Nice to see a fort which is intact. Nice shots of the place.

  3. Wow... me too wanna go there...

  4. Lovely fort with great views from the top. Nice find Arun.

  5. Reminds me of the hill fort in Bellary- my native. Majestic I should say

  6. hiii it is a really good place to visit i have been there atleast 6-7 times it reminds me of the good old days lovely but there so many unsloved mysteries around this place but the govt has not taken any measures to safe guard the place

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