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Suggestions to sail through tough times of COVID-19

While the whole world battles out the COVID-19, I thought I would pen down some of my thoughts to my Indian readers, to reduce anxiety and to support in containment of the spread. 'News' about the spread: 1. Don't get bogged down by the increasing number of cases in India. The first case reported in India was on Jan 30, 2020 and the first case which was not linked to China was reported on March 2, 2020. This person might have got infected around 10 days ago, at the time when the cases in Europe and Middle East were on the rise. The number of travellers arriving in India in January was 3,81,267. Averaging out to 3 lakhs, we can assume that around 3 lakh people came to India in Feb and March (and equal number travelled back). 2. Of 3 lakh people, assuming 1% of the people being infected, the total number of cases will rise to 3000 only by people who have travel history. 3. There will be a certain number of locally transmitted cases here, much more than the ones from ou