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Dancing Colors of the Past: Unveiling Ancient Art at the Plains of Mystery (Mallachandram & Jagatab, Tamil Nadu)

Watch the full video here Overview: Welcome to Mallachandram, where history comes alive through the whispers of weathered stone. Here, amidst the rolling landscapes, you'll find around 200 dolmens that hold the secrets of an ancient time. Dolmens, known as 'portholes' to experts, dot this landscape in various designs, each offering a glimpse into a different chapter of the past. Picture a circular dolmen standing proudly among stones, a silent witness to the generations it has witnessed. Another design showcases a dolmen encircled by a ring of stones, guarded by towering menhirs, standing sentinel over the resting place within. A more intricate arrangement presents a stone cist, embraced by upright stones forming a gentle wall—a sacred space that speaks of those of great significance. And then, there's the simplicity of a lone grave, unembellished yet profound, the earliest echo of this tradition. But the stones tell more tales beyond their shapes. They bear etchings th

Raichur Trip Day 3: Lingasugur, Maski, Pothnal Manvi & Kallur

Watch the full video here Overview: Embarking on the concluding day of our enchanting Raichur sojourn, we bid adieu to our overnight abode in Lingasugur after a hearty breakfast. Our compass pointed towards Maski, a hallowed site resonating with the echoes of ancient history, where monumental Ashokan edicts stand as silent sentinels. Amazing roads in Raichur District Nestled gracefully along the meandering banks of the Maski river, an intimate tributary of the Tungabhadra, Maski emerges as a township with an intriguing past. Rooted in the etymology of "Mahasangha" or "Masangi," the town's name whispers tales of a bygone era. The sands of time unveiled Maski's historical prominence when the intrepid explorer C. Beadon, in 1915, unearthed a momentous revelation—the remarkable Ashokan edict. Among Ashoka's inscriptions, this edict marked a pivotal juncture, bearing the imperial name "Ashoka" rather than the preceding references of "Devanampi

Raichur Trip Day 2: Devadurga, Gurgunta, Lingasugur, Mudgal & Jaladurga

Watch the full video here Overview: On the second day of our journey through Raichur district, we bid farewell to the cozy comfort of our Railway retiring room in Raichur and embarked on an exploration of the district's western realm. The early morning air nipped at us as we set out on our motorcycle, adding a touch of invigorating chill to our adventure. Our day's odyssey commenced with a hearty breakfast in the quaint town of Devadurga. Energized and fueled, we directed our wheels towards our initial destination - a unique grove of Baobab trees. As we arrived at the premises of a Government school, our eyes were drawn to the majestic presence of a solitary, towering Baobab tree. A fascinating historical tidbit accompanied this natural wonder; this arboreal giant was said to have been planted by the Adil Shahis, who imported its seeds from the faraway lands of Africa. The intertwining of cultures and epochs was evident beneath its branches. Devadurga Leaving behind Devadurga,

Part 2: Unveiling Bangalore's Natural Gems: My Serene Journey Around the Circle 🌿🚢‍♂️

Watch the detailed video here Overview: Day2: We continued our journey from where we left last time, at Honamma temple in Muthkur. We saw the beautiful Dakshina Pinakini river early morning, and this river was one of the major rivers which fed Eastern Bangalore several years ago, now filled with filth. From Muthkur we headed North towards Whitefield-Malur road, to a village named Bisanahalli. We visited the ancient Shiva temple there where the Shivalinga was out in the open, and there were some inscriptions and hero stones. From there we went to 465 idols temple, at a village called Paramanahalli. Its a unique temple where several idols are assembled in a small hut and the visitors can worship all/any of the idols. From there we headed towards Hosakote-Malur road, and just off the road there is a small hillock, and on top of it is a beautiful Sapthamatrika temple. We rode to the top of the hillock and enjoyed the mesmerising scenery from the top after visting the temple. From there we