Part 2: Unveiling Bangalore's Natural Gems: My Serene Journey Around the Circle 🌿🚢‍♂️

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We continued our journey from where we left last time, at Honamma temple in Muthkur. We saw the beautiful Dakshina Pinakini river early morning, and this river was one of the major rivers which fed Eastern Bangalore several years ago, now filled with filth. From Muthkur we headed North towards Whitefield-Malur road, to a village named Bisanahalli. We visited the ancient Shiva temple there where the Shivalinga was out in the open, and there were some inscriptions and hero stones. From there we went to 465 idols temple, at a village called Paramanahalli. Its a unique temple where several idols are assembled in a small hut and the visitors can worship all/any of the idols. From there we headed towards Hosakote-Malur road, and just off the road there is a small hillock, and on top of it is a beautiful Sapthamatrika temple. We rode to the top of the hillock and enjoyed the mesmerising scenery from the top after visting the temple.

From there we went to Hosakote town where we had our breakfast at around 9am. The food was good and fulfilling. From there we took the road to the airport and headed to the ancient village of Gangavara. The old Someshwara temple at Gangavara dates back to the 10th century built during the Ganga period. We spent some time praying at the temple and appreciating the architecture and then headed to Nallur Tamarind Grove. This is an ancient Tamarind grove which was planted more than 500 years ago, and some say it was planted by the Cholas themselves.

We saw some really old trees there before heading towards Devanahalli. There is a beautiful 6-lane road connecting Hosakote and Devanahalli adn further down to Dabaspet. We soon took a detour into Devanahalli town as we rode inside the old Fort area. After visitng the fort, we headed up North, and visited Koira village. There is an ancinet rock painting at Koira which we saw and also a tower dedicated to Ranabhairegowda, the father of Kempegowda, who founded the city of Bangalore. After visiting Koira, we crossed the town of Doddaballapura, which is the northermost tip of out trip, and we headed to a beautiful village of Sampajihalli, which is known for the artisans who make Veena, the musical instrument. We went to one such house who have been making Veena for over 40 years and saw the making of the instrument first hand. 

This was our last stop before heading back to the place where it all started. We headed west towards the Hanuman statue at Nelamangala, and we were there at around 1pm. This concludes our trip across the periphery of Bengaluru which has so much to offer. In case someone asks for places to visit around Bangalore, this can be a great itinerary.




Saptha Matrika temple

Hosakote-Malur Road


Nallur Tamarind Grove

Nallur Tamarind Grove



Sampajihalli Veena Maker

Sampajihalli Veena Maker


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