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A visit to Horsley Hills

Overview: Horsley Hills is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore and is good for a long drive without too much crowd. Situated around 160km from Bangalore, this place is in Andhra Pradesh, and is promoted as APs Ooty. The drive through Kolar is scenic with a few beautiful lakes on the way.The vehicles go all the way to the top and there are a few viewpoints offering great views of the valley. Other than the views, there is an APTDC guest house offering stay and food options.Other attractions on the hill are the 125 Eucalyptus tree planted by the British collector William Horsley, George Horsley's Tomb, a mini zoo and a museum. Overall, a trip to Horsley Hills is a welcome break from the routine activities.The hill is also popular among bird watchers, with over 130 species of birds have been recorded so far. The museum has a good display of local artifacts like Geological structures, rocks, and details about the wildlife found in the region have been displayed.Horsley Hills is a…

Know your neighbourhood - 21: Shankarapuram, VV Puram, Mavalli

Overview: The name Shankarapuram comes from the Shankara Math in this area. Apart from Shankar Math, the area is known for eateries, like the Brahmin’s coffee bar for the traditional Kannada breakfast, and is more of a heritage restaurant. Right opposite the BCB is the Kannada Katte, which is a small place for gathering as one gulps the soft idlies with a dose of by-2 coffee. The Kannada Katte is blessed by the portraits of famous personalities from Karnataka. Not far from Shankarapuram is the Chat Street in VV Puram famous for different kinds of chat items and is popular street food place in Bangalore.

Vishveshwarapuram, or VV Puram as it is known, is another traditional locality in South Bangalore. With many temples around Sajjan Rao circle, most popular being the Subramanya temple, is thronged by devotees. Annual car festival is held in this area. A popular hangout among the locals in VV Puram is the Chat Street, which opens after 5pm everyday with a variety of fast food which is a …

Know your neighbourhood - 20: Places around HAL Road

Overview: Domlur, a flourishing village during the Cholas, is now in the hub of modern Bangalore. With MG Road, Indiranagar, HAL airport road in the vicinity, this is one of the most popular areas of Bangalore. Chokkanatheshwara temple in Domlur is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore, built in the 10th century. According to the inscriptions found in this temple, Domlur is referred to as ‘Tombalur’ talking about grants offered to the temple. Some records mention the name of the place as 'Desi Mannika Pattnam'. The temple was initially built by the Cholas and later renovated by the Hoysalas and Vijayanagara rulers. One inscription from 1440 CE mentions about the tolls from Sondekoppa village being granted to this temple. Two more earlier inscriptions indicate grants from Karadihalli and Sunkenahalli (Hanumanthanagar). There is one Anjaneyaswamy temple a few metres from the Chokkanathaswamy temple, dating back to the Vijayanagara times. It is believed that the head of Anjaneya…

India's own Stonehenge: Manipur's Willong Khullen

Overview: Around 115km north of the Manipur's capital of Imphal, near the village of Willong Khullen, there is this mysterious set of monolithic stones assembled to look like Stonehenge. Around 60 stones (or more) can be seen installed very close to one another, and the exact history of setting these stones is still unknown.It is believed that it is impossible to count the exact number of stones and according to one legend, the person who attempts to count the stones would be distracted by some external force. There are stories of these stones being a part of an ancient tradition of the Maram tribes who live in these parts, though they no longer practice anything related to these stones. The archaeologists date these stones to the Megalithic period, and was possibly a burial place, or something used as a celestial device to predict time.

Know your neighbourhood-19: Gavipuram & Chamarajpet

Overview: Tucked between Chamarajpet and Basavanagudi, Gavipuram is a historical area. Gavipuram is one of the oldest and traditional areas in South Bangalore, near the Western tower built by Kempegowda. Gavipuram was probably a very prosperous village with learned men, fertile land with huge lakes and beautiful temples. There are several old structures and homes in the area, the most popular attraction is Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple. Dating back to the times of Cholas, this temple was renovated by Kempegowda in the 16th century. The temple is an example of architectural marvel. On Makara Sankranti day every year, the sunlight passes through the horns of Nandi bull to the Shiva linga directly. Thousands of devotees throng this place at the time and this phenomenon is also telecast on Television channels. Down beneath the temple is a cave through which a passage can be seen which is believed to lead us to Shivagange, actually connects to the Kempambudhi Lake. Other than the temple the…