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Kittur: Legacy of Rani Chennamma

Overview: Kittur Fort, in Belgaum district is a historical fort built by the Marathas and then later held by the local warrior, Rani Chennamma. The fort area is well maintained now, though the fort is completely is in ruins. The fort complex has a museum having relics of the archaeological artefacts recovered from the surrounding areas belonging to the Chalukya dynasty. Lot of rock-cut sculptors are showcased in the museum which were found in various temples across the district.   Outside the temple there is a structure which leads to the top from where the entire fort could be seen. From there we went to the Fort area which looked a shadow of what would have been a glorious palatial structure. There are boards displaying the area of the fort like hall, kitchen, praying area, etc.            There is a pole star vision room from where people used to gaze at the pole star from the angle at some particular time. There can be a well, and a swimming pool seen inside the complex.     

Scotland: Greeting Nature and History

  Overview: Expecting a not so rainy weekend, we decided to head towards Scotland from London. The drive through the motorways made us reach Glasgow before sundown. Though we did not have any plans to visit Glasgow city as such due to time constraints, we managed to see the Glasgow Cathedral glowing in the evening lights.      The next morning we headed north towards Loch Ness, a fresh water lake known for the interesting stories of the monster which has been spotted in these waters. Its a very scenic drive along the Loch Ness on one side and the Scottish highlands on the other.       We then stopped at Glen Coe, a beautiful U-shaped valley with volcanic history. This place has several trekking trails and also several camping sites which is a heaven for adventurists. At the nearby Black Mount Estate we had a chance to listen to some Scottish music.Glen Coe is also known for the massacre of 1692.       Next we headed towards Inverlochy Castle, which is in ruins currently but ha