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Madhya Pradesh Trip- 8: Mandu and Maheshwar

Watch the detailed video here Overview: Mandu, or Mandav as it is locally called, is located around 100kms from Indore, and we can reach here by crossing the fort gates and winding roads. There are several places to explore in the histroric town of Mandu. Jahaz Mahal We first explore the most popular monument of Mandu, which is the Jahaz Mahal. This is an ASI protected monument and the entrance ticket costs Rs 25 per person. There are guides available outside the monument to explain more about the place, and they charge around Rs 300-400 for a group. The Jahaz Mahal was built during the mid 15th century by the Khiljis. The Jahaz Mahal is built between Kapoor Talab and Munja Lake, and it appears as if a ship is sailing in waters when viewed from the top, hence the name Jahaz Mahal. Its located in a picturesque location so this place was chosen by the Khilji kings for their pleasure. There is a palace called Hindola Mahal inside the premises. The palace looks interesting with the walls

Madhya Pradesh trip - 7: Visit to OMkareshwar

Watch the complete video here Overview: We reached Indore on the 19th of November, 2022 and relaxed there for the evening. We enquired about the transportation to Omkareshwar and got to know that there are regular buses from Sarvate Bus stand. So we were just going out of the Railway station where we were staying at around 5:45am and saw a bus standing just at the entrance of the Railway station which was going towards Omkareshwar. The bus started at around 5:55am and the total cost was Rs 140 per ticket. The route to Omkareshwar takes one through the hills and the initial 30kms are not too good with lot of potholes. We reached Omkareshwar Bus stand at around 7:30am and there are local shared autorickshaws which take you to the temple gates for Rs 20 per head. The entrance to the road leading to the Jyotirlinga is lined up with many stalls for buying Prasad, souvenirs and food. We first went to Mamaleshwar Jyotirling which is normally less crowded and can be visited in peace. As expec

Madhya Pradesh Trip-5: Visit to Ujjain

Watch the complete video here Overview: From Khajuraho, I took the 9pm train to Ujjain and reached at around 7:30am in the morning. There are quite a few hotels outside the railway station but there is one Avantika Guest House just adjacent to the railway station which I recommend. The guest house has dormitory, single and double rooms. After getting fresh, I proceeded towards the Ujjain Mahakal temple. The whole street is lined with prasad sellers and souvenir shops. The Mahakal corridor recently inaugrated by the Hon'ble PM Mr Modi starts from the main entrance of the temple. The queue for the darshan starts from the Manasarovar Bhavan, and carrying any sort of cameras is not allowed inside the premises. However, there is no restriction on carrying phones but photography is prohibited. It takes around 2 hours to complete the darshan. Once out of the temple, the visitors are welcomed at the Mahakal corridor where several sculptures are newly installed with stories from the Shiva