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Travel Apps for Budget Holiday

There’s an app for that! (Actually several) It’s the classic conundrum of travel: when you have time to go, you don’t have the money. But, don’t let a shortage of cash hold you back from your next bit adventure. With the right apps on your phone, you can still hit the road without having to hitch a ride. Opera Software, makers of the money-saving Opera Mini mobile browser, have compiled a list of the top 8 travel apps to make your trips this summer easier and, more importantly, to save you precious money and time. Most of the below apps are available across app stores: 1. Get packing Check out the Packing (+To Do!) app, which helps you keep your packing under control. For a price that’s less than the cost of that toothpaste you forgot last time you traveled, this app lets you create, edit and share packing lists, as well as providing sample lists, if you don’t want to start from scratch. No more paying premium for travel essentials you forgot to pack. (Cost: Rs. 55) 2. Scop

Kolar: Shadow of the ancient Kuvalapura

Overview: Kolar district is a well known travel destination with many ancient temples like Avani, Mulbagal, Kaivara. But Kolar City alone also has many specialities to offer. Like the ones we experienced recently. We decided to visit the two popular temples in Kolar- Someshwara temple and Kolaramma temple. Kolar or ancient Kuvalapura was ruled by the Gangas in the 3rd century followed by the Cholas and later by Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara rulers. The Someshwara temple was built in the 14th century by the Vijayanagar rulers in a typical Dravidian style. This temple also closely resembles the Someshwara temple in Ulsoor, Bangalore. The entrance has a high stone Mahadwara half of which is recently painted in yellow. On the walls we can see the carvings of elephants, dwarfs and lions. The sanctum wall at cardinal directions have Devakoshtas flanked by two slender pillar turrets. The Kalyana mantapa in the south-west is an exquisitely beautiful structure known for craftsmanship on gra

Ghati Subramanya, Vidurashwatha & Lepakshi: A day well spent

  Overview: Charting a well planned itinerary, we set off for a full day trip to Ghati Subramanya, Viduraswatha and Lepakshi on a Sunday morning. We set off early to avoid the crowd at Ghati Subramanya. The temple, dedicated to Lord Subramanya was already getting thronged by tourists. This should not be confused with the Kukke Subramanya temple in the Western Ghats. Similar to Kukke, people here offer many types of pujas to the Lord. We had the darshan of the God and then went to the Kalyani, near to that lot of Naga stones installed by people. From there we had breakfast next to the temple. From here, we continued on the Gouribidanur road to reach Vidurashwatha. Legend says that there was a tree in this place which was planted by Vidura during Mahabharata which fell in 2001. There is also a Naga devata temple here which is frequented by many people and it is said to fulfil one's wishes. After Vidurashwatha, we crossed the state border to reach Andhra Pradesh where we