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Chunchanakatte: Interesting stories along the Cauvery

  Overview: Chunchanakatte is around 15 kms from KR Nagar and is known for the waterfalls where the Cauvery cascades from a height of 20 meters. The roar of the river can be heard from a distance and especially during monsoons when the river is in full flow. Chunchanakatte is also known for many interesting stories from the Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Rama stayed here during his exile and Lakshmana, with his bow and arrow, fired at a rock from where different colours of water started gushing out so that they could have bath. It is believed to be of Turmeric, oil and shikakai which can be seen even today during monsoons. This place looks so out of colour during summers as you can see the last pic below.   Another interesting place near the falls is the ancient Kodandarama temple which belongs to Lord Rama’s period. It seems that a sage who was a devotee of Lord Rama wished to see Rama and Sita together and hence a temple was built at the very place. An interesting featur

Kukke Subrahmanya & Dharmasthala: Pristine temples in a beautiful setting

Overview: Every trip to Kukke Subrahmanya temple is very memorable. We set off in monsoon this time, that was for a special puja at the temple by a relative. We booked a tempo traveller this time as the number of people were more. We started from Bangalore at around 10am on a cloudy morning. We had our first pit stop at Yediyur where we had some snacks and coffee. Then our next stop was Hassan where we had lunch. One good thing about monsoons is that we can see streams of water flowing everywhere and is a pleasant sight. Once we reached the Shiradi ghat on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway the nightmare started. The roads were like non-existent in those areas. Full of potholes and the vehicles were piled up on the road. Slowly we crawled in that stretch but the scenic beauty around us made us forget the traffic. We reached Kukke Subrahmanya at around 6pm as we crossed over the Kumaradhara river and checked into a hotel.   Next morning we visited the main temple of Kukke Subrahmanya

Nagarahole & Irupu Falls: The last leg of Karnataka

Overview: I had been to a family function in Periyapatna, so decided to extend my trip to Nagarahole and Irupu falls. As the safari starts at Nagarahole at 6am, we decided to halt at Srimangala which is around 24 kms from Nagarehole at a relative's place. We left early morning the next day for the safari. The safari started at around 7:20am and went on for around 1 hour. But it was disappointing for us not to spot any wildlife in the jungles. We saw herds of deer but no sign of any other wildlife. On our drive back we saw a couple of peacocks just on the side of the road. We then proceeded towards Irupu falls which is around 19 kms from Nagarahole towards Srimangala. We were running out of fuel and were getting tensed as there was no fuel station on the way. One person told that the petrol pump is at Srimangala around 12 kms from there but we can get petrol from local shops in Kutta. To avoid any risk, we took around 5 litres of petrol at a mechanic shop in Kutta. A