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Part 1: Unveiling Bangalore's Natural Gems: My Serene Journey Around the Circle 🌿🚢‍♂️

Watch the detailed video here Overview: As the sun begins its ascent over the quaint town of Nelamangala, we find ourselves drawn to the magnetic allure of adventure. Nestled near the revered Anjaneya temple, we embark on a journey that promises to weave tales of wonder and discovery. Day1: We start from Nelamangala near the Anjaneya temple at around 6 am and head towards Sondekpoppa. The route already begins to get scenic as we exit the Tumkur Road national highway. We reached Sondekoppa in around 20 minutes and stopped by an ancient temple, which was closed, so we proceeded further. We already started getting hungry by this time so we stopped at Tavarekere for a quick bite. We had a heavy breakfast at a small roadside restaurant at Tavarekere. After breakfast, we visited the Maramma temple which has a Historical swing. We passed through the famous lake at Tavarekere, which gives the city its name, and then took the Manchanabele road. The road towards Manchanabele is beautiful and re

A Mesmerizing Train Journey: Visakhapatnam to Koraput via Araku Valley

Watch the detailed video here Introduction: Embarking on a train journey from Visakhapatnam, a bustling coastal city on the East Coast of India, to Koraput, nestled amidst the Eastern Ghats, is an enchanting experience that takes you through a picturesque route. This remarkable adventure offers glimpses of stunning landscapes, meandering tunnels, captivating waterfalls, and a vibrant tribal belt of Andhra Pradesh. Upon reaching Koraput, the warmth of the humble people and the delightful local cuisine make for a memorable stay in the railway retiring room. Traversing the Eastern Ghats: As the train chugs away from Visakhapatnam, it ventures into the heart of the Eastern Ghats. The journey unfolds amidst breathtaking vistas, where lush green hills roll like waves, covered in a thick carpet of vegetation. The rhythmic clattering of the train adds a poetic charm as you witness nature's splendor passing by your window. Tunnels and Waterfalls: The train route takes you through a series o