Part 1: Unveiling Bangalore's Natural Gems: My Serene Journey Around the Circle 🌿🚢‍♂️

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Overview: As the sun begins its ascent over the quaint town of Nelamangala, we find ourselves drawn to the magnetic allure of adventure. Nestled near the revered Anjaneya temple, we embark on a journey that promises to weave tales of wonder and discovery.


We start from Nelamangala near the Anjaneya temple at around 6 am and head towards Sondekpoppa. The route already begins to get scenic as we exit the Tumkur Road national highway. We reached Sondekoppa in around 20 minutes and stopped by an ancient temple, which was closed, so we proceeded further.

We already started getting hungry by this time so we stopped at Tavarekere for a quick bite. We had a heavy breakfast at a small roadside restaurant at Tavarekere. After breakfast, we visited the Maramma temple which has a Historical swing. We passed through the famous lake at Tavarekere, which gives the city its name, and then took the Manchanabele road. The road towards Manchanabele is beautiful and reminded me of the road to Pangong Lake. We stopped a while soaking in the beauty of the Manchanabele across Arkavathi river before proceeding towards Bidadi. We crossed the Nelligudda Lake at Bidadi and crossd the new and the old Highway connecting Bangalore and Mysore. We turned right towards Byramangala where we saw the check dam built across Vrishabhavati river, which is highly polluted at this point. We went to an ancient Shiva temple near the reservoir before proceeding towards Suvarnamukhi reservoir. Criss crossing the beautiful countryside, we went to the beautiful Suvarnamukhi reservoir across a small stream of Suvarnamukhi originating from Bannerghatta forest.

From here, we headed towards Harohalli where the scenery changed drastically and we were able to see more open land all around us. We crossed Harohalli and entered the Anekal Forest range at Thattekere where we stopped by to catch a glimpse of a beautiful stream at the middle of the forest. We are now at the Southern point from Bangalore, after starting from the North-western part. We saw a series of naturally formed staircase formed by the tree roots over centuries. After relaxing for a while, we proceeded towards Anekal town, and on the way we saw a huge statue of Shirdi Sai Baba around 115 tall. Near this, there was a temple where they were offering prasadams, we stopped by and had piping hot food, which became our early lunnch.

We then proceeded on the Anekal-Hosur Road and entered the bordering state of Tamil Nadu at Hosur. We visited the Brahma temple at Hosur and after spending some time there, we proceeded towards Kelavarapalli Dam. The road leading towards the dam is very scenic with meadows all around, and the area itself is called Little England. The dam itself is a bit difficult to access with no proper roads, and there was very little water in the reservoir. From here, we headed towards a small and beautiful temple of Thimmarayaswamy at Gudichetlu. We saw some ancient herostones at the temple and then started making an entry back into Karnataka, and crossed the ChikkaTirupathi temple on the way.

From here, we were at the Easternmost part of our trip, and made our way to Honnamma temple at Muthkur, on the banks of the river Dakshina Pinakini. We had a quick time check and the time was 2:30pm and we thought it would be too late before we complete our circuit and head back to Nelamangala.









Kelavarapalli Dam


Suvarnamukhi reservoir


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