Kittur: Legacy of Rani Chennamma

Overview: Kittur Fort, in Belgaum district is a historical fort built by the Marathas and then later held by the local warrior, Rani Chennamma. The fort area is well maintained now, though the fort is completely is in ruins. The fort complex has a museum having relics of the archaeological artefacts recovered from the surrounding areas belonging to the Chalukya dynasty. Lot of rock-cut sculptors are showcased in the museum which were found in various temples across the district.

Outside the temple there is a structure which leads to the top from where the entire fort could be seen. From there we went to the Fort area which looked a shadow of what would have been a glorious palatial structure. There are boards displaying the area of the fort like hall, kitchen, praying area, etc.

There is a pole star vision room from where people used to gaze at the pole star from the angle at some particular time. There can be a well, and a swimming pool seen inside the complex.

This definitely would have been a fantastic place and had it survived the onslaught of many rulers over the time, we could have got a chance to witness a huge palace with a wonderful architectural design.
How to reach:  Bus: From Bangalore, there are direct buses to Belgaum and Dharwad. From these places, Kittur can be reached by bus.
Car/Bike: Head on NH4 towards Tumkur, after Dharwad, on the way to Belgaum, watch out for a board indicating Kittur on the right side.
Food/Accommodation: There is a small hotel for food for breakfast/lunch. For staying, hotels can be booked in either Belgaum or Dharwad.
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