A visit to Horsley Hills

Overview: Horsley Hills is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore and is good for a long drive without too much crowd. Situated around 160km from Bangalore, this place is in Andhra Pradesh, and is promoted as APs Ooty. The drive through Kolar is scenic with a few beautiful lakes on the way.

The vehicles go all the way to the top and there are a few viewpoints offering great views of the valley. Other than the views, there is an APTDC guest house offering stay and food options.

Other attractions on the hill are the 125 Eucalyptus tree planted by the British collector William Horsley, George Horsley's Tomb, a mini zoo and a museum. Overall, a trip to Horsley Hills is a welcome break from the routine activities.

The hill is also popular among bird watchers, with over 130 species of birds have been recorded so far. The museum has a good display of local artifacts like Geological structures, rocks, and details about the wildlife found in the region have been displayed.

Horsley Hills is around 4 hours drive from Bangalore and can be reached via Old Madras Road, Hosakote, Chintamani and Madanpalle.

Lake on the way

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills museum

125 year old tree

Horsley Hills zoo

Horsley Hills

George Horsley's tomb


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