Know your neighbourhood - 23: Halasuru

Overview: Halasuru is an old village just next to the erstwhile Cantonment part of Bangalore. There might have been a big jackfruit grove in this area, which is called ‘Halasina hannu’, hence the name ‘Halasuru’ given to this area. The gateway to Halasuru from MG road is the Halasuru Lake, one of the last surviving lakes of Bangalore, originally dating to Kempegowda’s times, later beautified by the British. Just adjacent to the lake stands the eastern tower built by Kempegowda to mark the boundary of Bangalore. Halasuru Someshwara temple is the main attraction and is very popular across Bangalore. Legend says that the Someshwara Linga was installed by Mandavya Rishi. The outer structure has Vijayanagara features and has been built during the rule of Kempegowda I. Recent excavations have surfaced an ancient pond around 1200 years old just next to the Someshwara temple. This kalyani was closed by the British around 150 years ago. Apart from this temple, Halasuru is home to a number of other old temples. One of them is the Subramanya Swamy temple, which is also around 800 years old.

Someshwara temple, Halasuru
Ancient excavated tank, Halasuru

Subramanyaswamy temple, Halasuru

Kempegowda Tower in the backdrop of Halasuru Lake

Halasuru, been developed later in the 1900s, had wide avenues and underground sewage system developed early in the area. The area also has a lot of monkey top houses and buildings to keep monkeys away, which can be seen across older areas of Bangalore. The only Sikh Gurudwara in Bangalore for a long time, this beautiful temple was built in 1940s. Lunch or ‘Langar’ is offered on Sundays for devotees and this place attracts a large number of people on weekends. Another little known piece of heritage of Halasuru is the former Palace of the Maharaja of Nepal and occupied by Princess Rajyalakshmi Aishwarya from the Rana family. This was built in the 1930s and was later gifted by the Princess to the Aurobindo Society in the 1970s. 

Old choultry in Halsuru
Nepal Princess palace (Now Aurobindo society)

Halasuru Gurudwara

Gowthamapura, a locality with narrow little lanes adjacent to Halasuru, is known as 'Little Brazil' because of the popularity of football in this area. Gowthamapura has produced several footballers and a statue of Pele has also been installed in the middle of the locality.

Gowthamapura football ground

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