Know your neighbourhood - 16: Rajajinagar & Basaveshwaranagar

Overview: Rajajinagar was named after C.Rajagopalachari, the first non-British Governer-General of India. Built in the 1960s and developed by BDA , then known
as City Improvement trust board, Rajajinagar was carved out of villages of Kethmaranahalli and Shivanahalli. Along with residential areas, industrial
suburb was also developed in Rajajinagar. Just west of Rajajinagar is another traditional locality of Basaveshwaranagar, named after the great saint
Basavanna. The prominent landmarks of Basaveshwaranagar are Shankar Math and the Monkey Park, where a 500 year old Banyan tree fell apart finally in mid
2000s. The land has been converted to a park now. On the other side of the West of Chord Road are the villages of Mahalakshmipuram and Mahalakshmi Layout.
The layout gets its name from the Mahalakshmi temple on the hill top. The Veeranjanaya temple along with ISCKON is a popular landmark in Mahalakshmi
Layout. The area is also known for steep slopes similar to the streets in San Francisco. Rajajinagar is also famous for its South Indian traditional restaurants including North Karnataka cuisine.
Rajajinagar also has the maximum number of marriage halls in the city. So during wedding seasons this area is bustling with activity and also sees a boost in business for flower vendors, and gift shops. Dr. Rajkumar Road, which runs from Soap Factory to Prasanna Theatre is one of the earliest 80 feet roads to be developed within the city. The road has become very popular due to the malls, colleges, hospitals, temples along this stretch.
Ramachandrapura: Bangalore’s own Manchester- Between Okalipuram and Rajajinagar, a small street called Ramachandrapura is a little known shopper’s paradise. Known for textiles at wholesale prices, it is a must-visit for shopaholics, offering a wide variety of textiles like bedsheets, suitings, blankets, curtains, among others. Most of the stuff is sold here by kilograms, and almost people from all classes, businessmen to housewives, come here to shop. Minerva and Ramkumar Mills: The popularity of textile business arose from the establishments such as Minerva and Ramkumar mills, which were operational in the early 20th century.
ESI Hospital: The Employees’ State Insurance Hospital was established in 1961 to provide stability to the working popula- tion in the area by introducing specialty services at affordable costs.

Rajajinagar Tower

Mysore Sandal Soap factory

Monkey Park, Basaveshwaranagar

Shani temple, Rajajinagar

Shiva temple, Rajajinagar

ESI Hospital

Dr Rajkumar Road

Veeranjaneya temple, Mahalakshmi Layout

ISKCON temple


Navrang Cinema
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