Jahaz Haveli: Legacy of Diwan Todar Mal

Overview: In our travels and explorations, we sometimes come across some names which never came up in our history books. One such name is Diwan Todar Mal, a Jain businessman from Fatehgarh in Punjab. In the 16th-17th century, when the northern India was under the grip of the Mughal atrocities, Governer Nawab Wazir Khan of Sirhind captured 2 sons of the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh and bricked them alive.
Moved by this ghastly treatment, Todar Mal bought land for proper cremation of the Guru's sons. Later, a Gurudwara was built near the place where they were cremated. Todar Mal's legacy stands today as a form of the ruins of Jahaz Haveli, just opposite Wazir Khan's Palace. In its pristine days, it looked like a Ship, with grand reception areas and glowing lights, in the midst of a beautiful garden. Sadly this building constructed using Sirhind bricks, is in ruins today.

Jahaz Haveli

Jahaz Haveli

Jahaz Haveli
Well at Jahaz Haveli
Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib


  1. It's very bad that Punjab government has neglected such an important place. Diwan Todar Mal Jain is revered by every Sikh in the world. Unfortunately, not many in India know Diwan Todar Mal's sacrifice courtesy lack of any mention of it in history books.


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