Jahaz Haveli: Legacy of Diwan Todar Mal

Overview: In our travels and explorations, we sometimes come across some names which never came up in our history books. One such name is Diwan Todar Mal, a Jain businessman from Fatehgarh in Punjab. In the 16th-17th century, when the northern India was under the grip of the Mughal atrocities, Governer Nawab Wazir Khan of Sirhind captured 2 sons of the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh and bricked them alive.
Moved by this ghastly treatment, Todar Mal bought land for proper cremation of the Guru's sons. Later, a Gurudwara was built near the place where they were cremated. Todar Mal's legacy stands today as a form of the ruins of Jahaz Haveli, just opposite Wazir Khan's Palace. In its pristine days, it looked like a Ship, with grand reception areas and glowing lights, in the midst of a beautiful garden. Sadly this building constructed using Sirhind bricks, is in ruins today.

Jahaz Haveli

Jahaz Haveli

Jahaz Haveli
Well at Jahaz Haveli
Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib


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