Hoysala Dairy: Symbolising Karnataka…


Overview: After visiting Belur and Halebid, I had almost concluded that there can't be a better marvel by the Hoysalas. But after doing some research and reading some blogs by travel gurus, I thought why not visit other legacies which the Hoysalas have left behind.. I did few trips to cover a few places but still I could not cover all the heritage sites. Below is the map showing Hoysala temples in different parts of Karnataka. Mostly concentrated along the Malnad region. I will publish each of the places in the map below in the coming weeks and link it to this main post.

Hoysala Trail-I: We visited a number of Hoysala temples in this trip across Hassan and  Tumkur districts. We covered the below places:

Hoysala Trail-2: Visited the below temples :
Belur:                    Chennakeshava temple
Halebid:                Hoysaleshwara temple
Doddagaddavalli: Lakshimi Devi temple
Koravangala:       Bucheshwara temple
Mosale:                 Nagareshwara Temple
Hulikere:               Bhuvanabhurana Katteshwara temple


  1. Wow! So many temples!! Waiting for your posts! This is a great post with the map, I loved it. I had did something similar when I had started my Char Dham trip.

  2. thats a long list of temples...i will admit that Karnataka is blessed with outstanding architectures....its going to be a long travel blog....

  3. superlike !!

    -Vikram Bharadwaj

  4. wow... that's some travelling... and its a very good resource blog :)

  5. I took up Hoysala Trail and covered majority of them except for Kaidala, it is real eye opener

  6. postingan yang bagus tentang"hoysala-dairy-symbolising-karnataka"

  7. hey nice work there 2 places where u can find Hoysala's temple near my village ... That are 1.Kuruvatti Mallikarjuna Temple ,Hadagali taluk ,and another is Somanatha temple Hralahalli...there also you can see Hoysala's Royal emblem

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