Tyakal & Markandeya Betta: Nice drive on a lazy Sunday


Overview: On a balmy partly sunny Sunday. we decided to head towards Malur. We had heard of the pretty countryside and some old temples. First we went to Tyakal, also spelled as Tekal.
Tyakal is known for the huge boulders and the twin hillocks, which were once forts during the Vijayanagara dynasty. A wonderful place for trekkers, the hills offer odd shaped rocks and some beautiful views of the Shatashringa range of hills. The village Tyakal, historically was popular for Varadaraja temple, which dates back to the Cholas, and is believed to have similar features as that of the temple at Kanchi. The place is referred to as Tekanchi as well.
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Around 15kms from Tyakal is the Markandeya Betta, reached via winding curves, offering breathtaking views of the villages below. However, the place can get crowded during festivals and holidays. One can enjoy the serenity of the place early in the morning. The hill gets its name from Markandeshwara temple, also built during the 11th century.
Both Tyakal and Markandeya Betta are within 100kms from Bengaluru, making it an ideal weekend getaway.
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How to reach: Tyakal can be reached via Kolar on NH4 or via Hosakote-Malur Road. From South Bengaluru, one can also take Sarjapura-Malur road. Tyakal is around 17kms from Malur and 20kms from Kolar.
Markandeya Betta is around 15kms north of Tyakal.
Direct trains run from Bengaluru to Tyakal on Bengaluru-Chennai line. Daily KSRTC Buses also ply from Bengaluru to Tyakal and Malur.
Food/Accommodation: Nearest place with good restaurants is Kolar. Accommodation can be availed at Kolar and Malur.


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