Monuments of Medieval Bengaluru - 4


Overview: The British built several monuments in Bengaluru after they established the Cantonment in the early 19th century as the weather of Bangalore was similar to English towns. Hospitals, schools and Buildings were built in traditional English style. The streets in the old Cantonment area still bear the same names such as Brigade road, Infantry road, Davis Road, Cooke Town, Richards Town. The British established Churches, Ball Dances, Sports, parks, playgrounds which wore a distinct identity to the life in Pete. Presenting a photolog of some of the British era structures which still exist in Bangalore today.
During the British era, there were a few unsung heroes of Bangalore like Enayatullah Mehkri, Ismail Sait, Netkalappa and many others. A few buildings also dot Bangalore's cityline belonging to different kings like the Jayamahal Palace owned by th Maharaja of Gondal, and the present Aurobindo Society, which was earlier owned by the Maharaja of Nepal.  IMG_9222   IMG_3514 IMG_3941 IMG_3945 IMG_4001 IMG_4012 IMG_4032 IMG_4068 IMG_4123  IMG_5672  IMG_5729 IMG_6427 IMG_6433 IMG_6458 IMG_6492 IMG_6628 IMG_6729 IMG_20160110_152129534_HDR IMG_20160122_072547 IMG_4010   IMG_7722


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