Bangalore Palace: Windsor Castle in our own backyard

Overview: One of my favourite places. Modelled on Windsor Castle in England, this place is the trademark of Bangalore. The entrance to the palace itself makes us feel like entering a European style Garden. Sometimes reminds me of the Marlinspike Hall in Tintin comic books. The railway line connecting Bangalore City and Bangalore Cantonment railway stations is visible from the entrance gates. The palace was built for the Maharaja of Mysore in the 18th century. Lot of movies have been shot in this palace premises. The creepers around the pillars gives it a classical look. The interiors are equally beautiful with paintings and furniture.

Lined with exquisite paintings and woodwork, this palace has 35 rooms. One striking picture one can see of a lady appearing sad from one angle and happy from the other. Also kept on display are some memoirs made out of animal parts like a table made out of elephant legs, and pictures showcasing the capture of elephant tuskers can be seen. Also there is a huge ballroom which is rented out for parties and functions. The outside garden is perfect for a leisurely stroll and gives a great feeling roaming around the park.

Entry: The palace is open for public for a fee of Rs 175 for Indian nationals and Rs 350 for Foreign Nationals. Camera charges are Rs 500 for still and Rs 1000 for video photography. Though the rates can be negotiated if its a big group and tickets are bought in bulk.
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  1. Yes...this is very nice...I had visited this place

  2. I haven't been to the Bangalore Palace yet, although we've been in the city for 4 years. I guess I'd now like to visit, after seeing your pictures. I really liked the passageway. Just yesterday, we explored the Fraser town - Benson town part of Bangalore and saw some beautiful old houses there.

  3. Gorgeous shots. Have visited the palace many times for exhibitions but never been inside.

  4. I vaguely remember visiting this palace when I was a kid... but had completely forgotten about it!!! would love to visit again!

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images of the Bangalore Palace. Simply spectacular. I wasn't aware that it is open to public.

  6. What an apt title!! Lovely post with some fantastic snaps!!! Got a virtual tour of the palace :)

  7. I shamefully admit, I'm yet to visit the palace :(

  8. Yes its true, i agree with you, bangalore is such a nice place to spent our time in weekends.

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