365 Days of Blogging..

365 Days of Blogging… 

It has been a wonderful 1 year of blogging and hard to believe that a lazy person like me who hates to spend time typing stories has indeed published 62 blogs to date. Thanks to a little less work in office the same time last year when I decided to start sharing my travel experiences with the world. Choosing a name for my blog was a big challenge for me. After considering several options, I finalized ‘Payana’ which means Journey in Kannada. Also the name of the travel portal in Infosys..:-)

In this process of blogging, I made a lot of friends in the blogging and also made a lot of fans along with myself becoming fans of many bloggers… All are special for me. And of course I have learnt a lot from each blog I have read from every blogger..

My previous post was on the place where I had spent my years of childhood(Chandigarh) and the next post would be on the place which is my hometown and the place I love the most(Bangalore)..

Dedicating this post to all fellow bloggers who follow my blogs and who have commented on my posts and provided their valuable suggestions.


  1. Congratulations! 365 days is a big achievement! It's truly fascinating to travel along with you here to the wonderful places that you take us to, here's to many many more in the years of joyful blogging! Keep traveling and keep sharing :)

  2. Congratulations...keep going...
    I like your blog...as it takes me to several places...its really delight to visit your blog as it virtually fulfils my wishes of visiting many places . Hope I will visit all the places..
    All the best

  3. Congratulations Arun and keep travelling!!


  4. Congratulations...keep travelling and keep shearing...

  5. Can't believe your blog is just an year old, the details, the text, the narration and the photos are great and have a lot to offer to the readers. Blogging for more than a couple of years now, my blog feels very amateurish compared to your Payana's!

  6. Congratulations, Arun. Way to go! I count on you to take me to more hidden pockets all over the country. :)
    I look forward to your Bangalore posts.

  7. Congrats Payana! Wish you a long journey.

  8. Congrats Buddy and all the best for years to come .

  9. Congrats Arun.......I came across your blog some days back and now I am a dedicated follower :)
    The details and pictures are very very good.You take so much of care for providing the details of your tours which really help travellers like me.
    Wish you many many more years of glorious blogging


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