Mattur-Hosahalli: Re-Living the Vedic Age


Overview: In the 21st century, we read about stories in books that people used to communicate in Sanskrit in ancient India. Want a taste of it? Head to a small quaint village of Mattur and its twin Hosahalli where it is said that people communicate in Sanskrit even today. Situated on the banks of the river Tunga, Mattur is a center of Vedic learning and has schools and institutions which are Sanskrit medium which shows that the language isn't dead today. Just off the Bangalore-Honnavar highway near Shimoga, this place has become very popular just because of the excellence in the field of Vedic teaching. This place is home to people belonging to a community called the 'Sankethis' who themselves have Vedic roots and are proficient in Sanskrit shlokas and Vedas and Upanishads.
As Mattur is in the vicinity of Shimoga town, one can stay at Shimoga for visiting Mattur. Also accommodation can be arranged at some community halls if required. A walk around the place gives an idea how life would have been in modern cities centuries ago. All the houses in Mattur have some message or proverb in Sanskrit near the entrance. From the Chennakeshava Sanskrit school we can take a brisk walk towards the Ganapati Gudda where we have a nice little temple. On the way we can see people engaged in various activities like working in paddy fields, making earthen pots, etc. We come across some coconut plantations and open fields where agriculture is carried out. And its great to spend some time there with no noise of motorists. Its a 1 hour walk till we reach back to the Chennakeshava Sanskrit school.

Hosahalli: This is situated on the other side of the tunga river and considered a twin village of Mattur. We can reach Hosahalli after crossing the Tunga river through a narrow pathway made out of concrete. The evenings look amazing from this pathway as the golden rays of sun fall on the clear waters. Hosahalli also has some great temples and it is here where one can enroll for Vedic teachings. On reaching Hosahalli we can see people engaged in Areca nut plantations. A visit to anyone's house is worth experiencing. The warm reception at any house can be expected and a hot cup of coffee soothes the senses. People usually communicate in Sanskrit or the local dialect 'Sankethi'. Although Kannada is also widely spoken.

A good 5 hours spent in Mattur-Hosahalli is worth penning down. Also it would be great if some TV channels show some documentary on this place..
How to reach: By own vehicle- Start from NH4 towards Nelamangala, Just before Tumkur town look out for a left turn towards Shimoga. Join NH 206 towards Shimoga. On entering Shimoga, look out for a board pointing left towards Mattur. Or ask for directions from the locals. 
By public transport: Plenty of direct buses ply from Bangalore to Shimoga. From Shimoga taxis and autos can be hired to travel to Mattur. Hoshalli can also be reached directly from NH 13 Shimoga Teerthahalli road. 
Food/Accomodation: Plenty of hotels and resorts available at Shimoga in all budgets.
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  1. Nice coverage of Mattur and Hosahalli ARUN

  2. Yet to visit this place . Heard a lot about this place . Nice captures .

  3. My ears had heard of Mattur now my eyes have seen it .....Good Photogaphy

  4. Sir, I wish to stay there some 2 or 3 days . Is there any place to stay in the same village mattur.
    - Venkat

    1. Not sure.. there might be some option in the Sanskrit Pathashala.
      Else you can stay in Shimoga which is arnd 8kms to Mattur.

    2. Yes you can

  5. very nice description and photographs of mattur and hosahalli. i would like to visit hosahalli during this chaturmaasa to meet swamiji sri Prakashanandendra saraswathi. but the tiny road on the river tunga connecting mattur and hosahalli is scary, specially in this monsoon rains! does hosahalli get disconnected from mattur if the road gets floooded? just airing my concern.
    thanks for the lovely blog!

  6. I am Govinda Rajan L.N., 55 years old from Hyderabd. I wish I could lead the rest of my life in such a place where ancient language is spoken (ofcourse wish to learn them too) with spirituality. Can I get someone out in the village to talk to. Please do help me in getting a contact telephone / cell number. You can mail me at

    With best wishes
    Govinda Rajan L.N

  7. I'm Santhabalan from Malaysia. My daughter Govhini aged 14 wish to enroll and stay in Mattur or Shimoga.
    She is eager to learn Sanskrit and wished that I could send her there.
    Is there any Ashram or a Hostel or any kind family that can accommodate her and fulfill her dream?
    You can email me at

  8. Hello
    Can anybody tell me how can we learn sanskrit , what will be the duration of the course ?
    And what about the accomodation ?

    1. i would like to know this also.. please tell me.. very keen to learn sanscrit.

  9. Hi, I am visiting Shimoga in July 2018, and wish to learn sanskrit in Mattur. Can I contact anyone to assist me on this?



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