Vanishing Lakes in Bangalore: In Pictures

Overview: Executing weirdest of my plans, I decided to prepare a photo log of all the lakes in Bangalore. Of more than 50 lakes around 15 years ago, a very few number of good lakes remain in the city. And some of them are in the state of total neglect with weeds grown all over them.
I decided to travel around the city and catch the glimpse of the lakes which are Bangalore’s identity along with the trees.



  1. Such a sorry state of affair,,,Once a Dharmambudhi lake now a Kempe gowda bus terminus was among the many lakes and wetlands in Bangalore that have fallen prey to the growing urbanization of Bangalore and its greed for land. What shocks people today is that it was the then civic authority which decided to breach a large number of tanks on the pretext of controlling and eradicating malaria.

  2. The lakes along with the green landscape look superb and charming ! Hope these wont disappear !


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