Mallur: Experience tranquillity near the busiest of highways


Overview: One of my friends suggested me to visit this place often missed by everyone as its on the Bangalore-Mysore highway and people usually zip past this without noticing. So we decided to specifically visit Aprameya Swamy temple and Nadi Narasimhaswamy temple. We started post lunch and after Channapatna, the temple is visible at the left side of the highway. One has to get into the arch to reach the temple. The temple is an ancient site and is built by the Cholas. The crawling Krishna or Ambegalu Krishna is very adorable and attracts everyone. Basking in the evening sun, the temple was in all its glory with vendors selling Sri Krishna idols outside. A place definitely is a protected monument but needs more signboards on the highway pointing to this place.

On the other side of the highway is another ancient temple dedicated to Nadi Narasimhaswamy. The name of the place is derived from the Kanva 'Nadi' or river as it is situated on the banks. It is believed that Sage Kanva had meditated at this place thousands of years ago. This temple is known to have lot of powers and many people visit this place to seek blessings. Around this place there is plenty of greenery and the rural scene makes us stay there forever. 

How to reach: Bus: KSRTC buses ply from Bangalore to Maddur regularly. From Maddur, auto can be hired to reach Aprameyaswamy temple in DoddaMallur.
By Car: Travel towards Mysore and between Maddur and Channapatna, one can see the Aprameyaswamy temple at the left side of the road. Its around 65 kms from Bangalore.
Food/Accommodation: Plenty of options of food available on the Bangalore-Mysore highway.
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  1. It is a lovely temple. As you mentioned, quite easy to miss out due to its location.

  2. Excellent Photography, Article is certainly a Visual Delight for the readers on Travel and Tourism.

  3. Beautiful photos. I've been traveling along Blr-Msr road for years now. And every time I go past this place, I keep promising myself "I'll visit this place next time for sure". And I'm still waiting for that eluding 'next time'.

  4. nice pictures you have clicked. thanks for sharing such awesome photographs. grateful.

  5. Very interesting.. The way u described about this temple is good.. Nice clicks..

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