Markonahalli: Biking all the way for some nature’s surprise


Weekend was almost getting wasted with Saturday spent at home the whole day and almost half of Sunday was over. I suddenly remembered a place which could be done in half a day but the distance was a bit of a concern. Markonahalli reservoir was around 110 kms from Bangalore and it was around 2pm. We made up our mind and started on our bike. We had a pleasant ride with no traffic on the road leading to Magadi. The roads were also in a healthy condition leaving a small stretch inside Magadi town. We hit Kunigal town in around 1.5 hrs. In those days the Kunigal bypass road was not ready. We knew that we are almost there so we didnt stop anywhere after that. There are a series of restaurants on the right side of the road on this stretch near Yediyur. After the 2nd restaurant where the KSRTC buses stop, we enquired about the route. We had to turn left at a place which is very easily missed. Markonahalli in around 5 kms from the highway. We saw many bikes and cars parked near the dam and realised that this is not an unknown destination to many people. The reservoir was huge and is served by the Shimsha waters. We could see water all around, with the golden rays of the sun falling on the clear waters. The partly cloudy conditions further enhanced the beauty of the place. We roamed around the reservoir for a while and then decided to venture inside a canal which proved to be too good. We could see a variety of birds near the canal and as it was evening time, they were in good numbers. It was great to relax there for a while and do some photography.
After sunset we decided to head back towards Bangalore which marked the end of a very short but a nice biking trip. Its an ideal place if you have nothing to do and have half a day to spare.
How to reach: Take the NH 48 towards Mangalore, watch out for 3 restaurants on the right side between Kunigal and Yediyur. After the 2nd restaurant where KSRTC buses halt, as for directions. Turn left towards Markonahalli which is around 5 kms from the highway.
All buses towards Hassan halt at Yediyur. From Yediyur, hire an auto to reach Markonahalli.
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