Antharagange: Dakshina Kashi hills hidden in the vicinity of Bangalore

Overview: Antharagange is a beautiful hill and is a delight for trekkers and pilgrims. This place is called Dakshin Kashi because of the holy water that flows in this region. There is an ancient Shiva temple which can be reached from the base of the hill by climbing a series of steps. There is a Kalyani or tank where water is collected which flows down from the top of the hill. The water is considered to be very sacred and is known to have medicinal value as well. But it has somehow lost its charm because of people bathing in it everyday. This place is famous for caves as well and we saw a couple of caves near the temple.
Many people end their trip just at the temple. But there is much more for the trekkers, as we went up the hill trekking into wilderness. We passed through dense forests on the hill and we could hear the stream of water gushing from the top of the hill. The chirping of the birds was very pleasant to hear. The climb gets tough at times but the scenic view from the top drives away all the tiredness. We went to a certain distance where from a rock we could see the entire area and farmlands below at the ground. On climbing further we reach a dargah which is also frequented by many people in the region and beyond that are a series of villages. We stopped at where we were as we were short of time and started climbing back through the same route.
This was a very enriching experience and would definitely want to do this again. Its amazing to see so many excellent destinations to explore near Bangalore.

How to reach: Bus: KSRTC buses ply regularly from Bangalore to Kolar. From Kolar, Antharagange is around 4 kms and can be reached by auto rickshaw.
By Bike/Car: Take the NH4 towards Kolar, after reaching Kolar town, ask for directions for Antharagange. Need to cross some narrow lanes before arriving at the base of the hills.
Food/Accommodation: Kamat Upachar is available at Narsapura (NH4) for food. Accommodation is available at Kolar if required.
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  1. Looks absolutely stunning. Would love to visit it. :)

  2. I live so close and haven't visited this yet. Thanks for all the details.

  3. Wow...there are so many nice places around Bangalore! I'll be in Bangalore next month, so it's good to know. :) Thanks.

  4. Captivating images of Antharagange. Thanks for sharing info about this virtually unknown place.

  5. Readable post with lovely collection of pictures...

  6. The pictures Are Very Beautiful.
    It Seems NH4 Is Built For Bikers..

  7. Hi Arun, many thanks for such an informative post....the compelling pics and detailed text can drive anyone to visit the place ASAP. Though I guess inclusion of additional info regarding cost and ideal time to visit the scenic spot. Good-day.

  8. Very Informative Blog.,Keep Updating...Thank You.

  9. nice information i got from your blog thanks for sharing

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