Rani Mahal, Gudnapur: Many questions unearthed


Overview: After writing a full fledged blog on Banavasi, I still felt the need of again highlighting an excavated palace at Gudnapur near Banavasi called Rani Mahal. Rani Mahal is said to be built in the 5th century and was probably used by the queen during the Kadamba rule. Archaeologists are still trying to explore this place. We could see many Jain idols which reveals that this place was associated with Jainism. The palace overlooks the Gudnapur lake offering spectacular views of the sunset.
Still trying to find answers for many questions on this place:
1) First up, the history behind this palace
2) The story behind the name of the place, Rani Mahal
3) The association of this place with the Kadambas

How to reach: Bus: KSRTC buses and also several private buses ply regularly from Bangalore to Sirsi. Private vehicles can be hired from Sirsi to Gudnapur.
By Bike/Car: Take the NH4 to reach Gudnapur via Shimoga, Birur, Kadur, Banavasi.
Food/Accommodation: Vanavasika Tourist Home caters to the hospitality of the tourists in Banavasi.
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  1. such a wonderful ruin....and i love the last sunset pic(or is it sunrise???)


    1. Thanks Sushmita.. It is sunset indeed!!

  2. Good coverage of Rani Mahal, got to explore its historical significance

  3. While Rani Mahal is in ruins the temple structure with sanctum & pillars appears intact.

  4. nice travelogue with beautiful photos

    thanks for sharing

  5. really nice place

  6. Nice Pics....with beautiful Exploration.
    I like The last Pic ...It Is Really Very Beautiful.

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