Lost Temples of Karnataka: Koodli


Overview: On our visit to Mattur, we chanced upon an opportunity to visit Koodli, around 15 kms from Shimoga. Koodli has a very old history of human occupation. The villages around Koodli are said to be inhabited from 2nd century under the Chutu-Satavahana occupation of Vaijayanti(now Banavasi). This place was then occupied by the Kadambas, Badami and Kalyani Chalukyas and Hoysalas. And around the 16th century, they Keladi Nayakas established themselves under the Vijayanagara rule.
The Rameshwara temple at Koodli, dated back to 12th century is situated at the confluence of the rivers Tunga and Bhadra. Its a simple Hoysala temple without any intricate carvings. The temple in east-west orientation has a Garbagriha, Antarala and a closed Sabhamantapa with a central raised podium accommodating the structure of Nandi.
The pillars in the Sabhamantapa are lathe turned and polished. The sanctum has a Shiva Linga.
There is another temple beside this temple called Chintamani Narasimha temple.

Another attraction in Koodli is the Shankara Mutt which was built by Sringeri swamiji on his return from pilgrimage. The details can be found in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koodli
We were fortunate enough to have blessings from the present Swamiji at the Mutt.

How to reach: Bus: KSRTC buses and also several private buses ply regularly from Bangalore to Shimoga. Private vehicles can be hired from Shimoga to Koodli.
By Bike/Car: Take the NH4 to reach Tumkur, before reaching the town, turn left towards Shimoga. Travel to Shimoga via Tiptur and Arsikere.
Food/Accommodation: Plenty of options available for accommodation at Shimoga suiting all budgets.
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  1. Great pictures !
    architectural marvels !

  2. Beautiful shots. Nice place.


  3. Beautiful place ! Nice photos and narration...

  4. Truly a treasure trove.

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  6. Whenever I am searching pages on less known temples, its found in your blogs. Great work on documenting these gems. Please do think of collecting into a book.

  7. The photo of Nandishwar ( Bull) waiting impassive at the entrance by the side of the river is magical. It feels like Lord Shiva would soon appear there.


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