Gorantla: Ancient temple in a little known town


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Overview: This was a welcome surprise for us early in the morning on the way to Kadiri. We could see an ancient temple on the left side of the road and decided to explore it. The Madhavarayaswamy temple is a 15th century structure built by the Vijayanagara rulers. It consists of a small shrine chamber, large central hall, and a pillared mantapa in front. The pillars of the temples are carved with base relief sculptors representing scenes from the Ramayana and the Puranas. There is also a big tank adjacent to the temple which is undergoing some maintenance work.

 How to reach: Bus: From Bangalore, there are direct buses to Gorantla.
Car/Bike: From Bangalore, head on NH7 towards Hyderabad road and on entering the AP state, watch out for a signboard indicating directions for Kadiri and Puttaparthi. This road leads to Gorantla which is around 10 kms from NH7.
Food/Accommodation: There are very limited options for food near this place.


  1. Hearing abt this place for the first time.
    Beautiful pics.

  2. Nice to hear about this place and the temple . Thanks for sharing ..

  3. nice pictures and good information

  4. Nice temple,tank & sculptures/bas reliefs.Seems so tranquil & serene.Great pics.

  5. Such a beautiful temple, so beautifully explored! Thanks for sharing.

  6. beautifully place with beautifully pictures :)

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments..

  8. Beautiful.. I'd seen this fort about 6 years ago.. should visit again


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