Lost temples of Karnataka: Basaralu

Basaralu: Stories sculpted in stone… 

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Overview: Done this during the trip to Kambadahalli near Nagamangala. This is a tiny village and the temple can be reached on the route between Mandya and Nagamangala. Its a small temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjuna. The temple architecture reflects the Hoysala style with the emblem on the top. The pillars and Gopurams have intricate carvings of Gods and elephants as well. The temple was locked when we went there but the priest's house was nearby so they opened the gates for us. Inside the inner garbhagrihas are the sculptors of serpent God and the Sun God sculptor. The outer carvings on the walls match with those of Halebid.
Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, BasaraluMallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu  Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Mallikarjunswamy temple, Basaralu Evening market in Basaralu

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How to Reach: To reach Basaralu, travel along Mysore road, at Mandya, turn right towards Nagamangala. Enroute is Basaralu. Buses are available from Mandya to Nagamangala via Basaralu.

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  1. Intricate and beautiful. Nice shots.


  2. Nice coverage of Basaralu, keep penning, how about your travel to AP awaiting the same

  3. Seems beautiful...do they speak any English or Hindi here if we were to ask for directions or as you have said if the priest has to be called?


  4. super pics and useful information

  5. Beautiful snaps!! Really useful.

  6. Wow, It is a treat to view those lovely photographs.
    Thanks a ton for sharing them with the readers. Your blog is sheer poetry, needs to be savoured, in detail.

  7. Amazing discovery of little known temples. Stunning Chalukya temple architecture.

  8. Thanks all for the comments... @Priya, the people speak Kannada and a little bit of Hindi as well.

  9. nice shots... beautifully captured...

    thanks for sharing

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    Thanks you for information. keep going.

  12. Aha enn chendano, adbhuta karnataka, you might want to add Lakkundi here

  13. hi Arun, thanks for telling about this place, i visited this site last saturday and surely felt it was worth a visit.Very beautiful indeed.
    Thanks again

  14. Hi Arun, Very nice write up. Inspired by this post we visited the temple recently. Below is our vlog on the same. Thanks a lot for detailed post.



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