Museums of Bangalore: Indian Musical Experience

Watch the video here: Overview: I thought Bangalore just had 2-3 museums which are well known until a few years ago, but a little research opened up my thoughts as I discovered several museums within the city. I have decided to visit all the museums in the city and document those.  The first one on the list is the Indian Musical Experience in JP Nagar 7th phase. This beautiful museum is dedicated to the evolution and science behind different forms of music from traditional to contemporary.  As we enter the museum, in the inner courtyard, we can see a sound garden, where we can learn about the sounds created from natural things like wood, stones, and metals. We can try our hand in generating music as well. This area is well enjoyed by both adults and children. We then get inside the museum and the experience starts from the 3rd floor, where we are shown a small animated movie with different types of sound created by nature. From there we enter an interacti

Bylakuppe: Karnataka’s mini Tibet

Overview: Bylukuppe has one of the largest Tibetan settlements in South India. This place is known for the Golden temple or Namrodoling monastery. Being easily accessible by road, this place is visited by many people who visit Coorg. We got a chance to visit Bylakuppe when we were on a trip to Periyapatna to visit my wife’s grandmother’s house.
The approach road is lined with Buddhist prayer flags tied to the wires and one can see people of Tibetian origin walking along the roads in their traditional dress.
The inside hall is dedicated to the Lord Padmasambhava. The temple is gold plated and is built in a typical Buddhist style. Outside the monastery there is a Buddhist University which has been established for higher studies and there are shops where many memoirs and Buddhist handicrafts could be purchased. Being near to the Kodagu district, this place enjoys cool and pleasant climate throughout the year. Inside the temple we have a series of prayer wheels which are to be turned clockwise indicating that one has actually recited the prayers.

How to reach: By Car/Bike: Head towards Mysore road on SH12 and after Srirangapatna turn right towards Ilvala to join Mysore-Madikeri road. Continue on that road to reach Bylakuppe. From the highway, turn left at Bylakuppe to reach the Golden temple.
By Bus: The KSRTC buses towards Madikeri drops at the State highway, Bylakuppe. Local autos ferry passengers to the Golden temple from the main road.

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  1. Awesome post and lovely pictures!

  2. Wow! I love visiting monasteries. I find them very serene and peaceful. Lovely pics, thanks for sharing...

  3. nice travelogue enriched with photos...


  4. I have not been to this part of Karnataka yet, and one more place has been added to my bucket list. Your post and the pictures are beautiful.

  5. Thank you all for the encouraging words!!

  6. this is a truly beautiful place in coorg.a must visit. i have been here twice & loved it

  7. Nice pictures and commentary on a little known Tibetan Buddhist settlement.Beautiful place. Padmasambhava I presume was a disciple of Buddha. Are Bylekuppa golden temple & university contemporary structures established after China captured Tibet leading to an influx of refugees into India?

  8. Exactly.. Yes Padmasambhava was the 8th century sage who preached Buddhism in Tibet and China.. And Bylakuppe is another settlement of the Tibetian refugees set up in the 1960s.

  9. I haven't visited Karnataka much, let alone this place.
    Your photos are very beautiful and tempting me to go there. :)

  10. very interesting and informative blog...cheers!

  11. wow.. good stuff. incidentally, i was planning a post about Byalkuppe as well :)

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