Nandi Hills, Bhoganandeeshwara & Devanahalli Fort: The Road well travelled

Nandi hills, Bhoganandeeshwara & Devanahalli Fort: The Road well travelled

Overview: Nandi hills is arguably the most popular tourist destination around Bangalore. Its well known among most people in Bangalore.
Once considered a place outside Bangalore city limits, the National highway leading to Bellary and Hyderabad wore a deserted look. But with the International airport in the vicinity, Nandi hills has become a part of Bangalore with the approach road being crowded even during night.
It has well laid roads leading to the peak, one gets a panaromic view of the hill ranges in Chikkaballapur district and its really soothing with cool winds blowing from all the sides. Many movies have been shot at Nandi hills.
Tipu's drop, Yoganandeeshwara temple are the prime attractions on top of Nandi hills. Visiting Nandi hills in at dawn during monsoons is magical as we can see a layer of clouds below us as seen in the last pic below.


Around Nandi hills- We had a lot of time so we explored a few more hidden places around Nandi Hills.
Bhoganandeeshwara temple: Built by the Bana rulers in 810 AD, makes it a wonderful sight to see with exquisite carvings and the ancient look attracts many. This temple is missed by many people as it is not as popular as Nandi hills. It is a beautiful place to explore inside the premises. The Kalyani is also maintained well with clean waters.

Nandi Bull: There is a temple near Bhoganandeeshwara which is dedicated to Nandi bull which is believed to be growing in size every year.
Devanahalli Fort: Built by Tipu Sultan and also the birth place of Tipu Sultan. An ancient temple of Gopalaswamy is also present inside the fort area.

Muddenahalli: The birth place of Sir M Visveshwaraya and has a museum which contains artifacts belonging to the legendary engineer.

How to reach: NH7 towards Devanahalli, after Devanahalli turn left at the sign board to Nandi hills. At dead end, right turn takes you to Bhoganandeeshwara temple and left to Nandi hills.
public transport: Regular bus service from KR Market to Nandi hills.

Food/Accomodation: Some good hotels are available on Bellary road for food.


  1. They are fascinating. That was great info for me. we are flying doha to blore this dec 8th. Iam planning one day visit to bannerghatta for my daughter. This Nandi hills can be covered in half a day?. I intend to visit it too. Please let me know.

  2. If you are planning to visit only Nandi Hills, then it can be covered in half a day. If you plan to visit all the nearby places like Bhoganandeeshwara, then it might take a little more than that..

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  5. This is my one of the best destination place that i ever want to visit..Nandi Hills is a year-round destination to visit . The Nandi Hills experience pleasant and moderate temperate all the year through. The Nandi Hills is the perfect hill resort as the summer temperature..All these pictures of this place is amazing..Thanks for this post..


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