Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lost temples of Karnataka: Lakkundi

Lakkundi: From the Chalukya Trail

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Overview: After visiting Gadag we proceeded towards Lakkundi, around 8kms from Gadag. On reaching Lakkundi, we saw a big Heritage center built inside an old temple. We discovered that there are several temples built by the Chalukyas in ruins inside Lakkundi. We went to Brahma Jinalaya (Basadi), Kashivishvanatha Temple, Nanneshwara Temple and Manikesvara Temple.
Beahma Jinalaya was built in 1007 AD by Attiyabbe, wife of Chief Nagadeva. Built in South Indian Dravida architecture, an unusual feature of this temple is the second functional smaller sanctum over the ground floor sanctum.
The next was Kashivishwanatha temple where a small surya shrine faces the main shrine on the west. The temple is built in Nagara style of architecture with intricate carvings.
Nanneshwara Temple is another example of Chalukya craftsmanship. It is much similar to the Kashivishveshwara temple.
Manikeshwara temple is one of the prime attractions in Lakkundi with its stepped well or Kalyani. The temple is dedicated to Shiva with carved doorways. The kalyani next to it is called muskin bhavi which looks terrific from the top. The water can be collected by reaching the base of the well using a series of steps in any direction. This type of a kalyani can also be seen at the Hoysala temple in Hulikere.
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How to reach:  Bus: From Bangalore, there are many direct buses to Gadag. From Gadag, many buses and private vehicles ply to Lakkundi.
Car/Bike: From Davangere, head on NH4 towards Bankapura. At Bankapura cross, turn right to reach Gadag. From Gadag, travel for around 8 kms towards Koppal to reach Lakkundi.
Nearby places:
Kuknur & Itagi: Both Kuknur and Itagi house lot of ancient remains of Chalukya temples. Mahadeva temple at Itagi is a mix of Nagara and Dravidian style of architecture. We missed out on these places due to lack of time. Below is a pic from Itagi (Courtesy Wikipedia)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahadeva_Temple,_Itagi


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