Exploring the Enchanting Village of Banavasi(Bengaluru Rural): A Hidden Gem Amidst Hills

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Overview: Nestled along the scenic Harohalli-Anekal road near Bangalore, Banavasi is a tranquil village enveloped by majestic hills, offering a serene escape from the bustling world. This unassuming village holds within its bounds a rich tapestry of history, spirituality, and natural beauty that beckons visitors to explore its hidden treasures.

Exploring Banavasi's Temples and Shrines:

At the heart of Banavasi lies the venerable Maramma temple, a cherished spiritual landmark that has stood for over 150 years. Tucked beneath the shade of a sprawling Banyan tree, the temple boasts a stone image in the distinctive folk style. A sense of reverence permeates the air as devotees gather here to pay homage and seek blessings.

Adjacent to the Maramma temple, a charming shrine dedicated to Karadi Maramma comes into view. Housing an image of Durga and an intricately engraved wooden idol crowned by the Keertimukha, this shrine exudes a rustic charm that resonates with the village's deep-rooted spirituality. A modest Hanuman shrine stands as a loyal companion, fostering a sense of unity among the diverse deities.

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Urugeshwara temple

Journeying Beyond: Oderahalli and Antharagange:

Crossing a gentle stream near the village, Oderahalli unveils its own spiritual gem—a small yet profound Malleshwara shrine. Perched atop a mound, the shrine cradles a sacred Linga within its confines, a silent guardian of ancient traditions.

Venturing 2 kilometers from Oderahalli, we reach Antharagange, a destination that can also be approached from the Godur side. This hidden sanctuary rests upon a hillside, its secrets nestled within a rocky crevice. Here, a solemn Linga graces the crevice, a testament to the village's enduring spiritual resonance. A modern structure now stands beside the sacred cave shrine, a harmonious blend of the past and the present.

A Spiritual Heritage: Sri Narayana Bharathi's Legacy:

Antharagange holds more than just natural wonders—it also cradles the legacy of Sri Narayana Bharathi, a celibate saint who, decades ago, built an ashrama that continues to radiate his teachings. His samadhi stands as a tribute to his unwavering devotion and contribution to the village's spiritual fabric.

Peering beyond the ashrama's sanctum, another hidden cavern reveals itself. Within its depths, five revered Lingas are said to have been enshrined, a sacred space where spirituality finds expression in its purest form. A natural water source within the rocky terrain adds a touch of mystique, drawing devotees to take part in the annual Shivaratri jatre, a joyous celebration of Lord Shiva.



Antharagange Pond



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A beautiful stream


Banavasi, the quiet village cocooned by hills, weaves a narrative of spirituality, history, and natural beauty. As you traverse its temples, shrines, and hidden caves, you'll find a connection to the past, a glimpse of the present, and a promise of serenity that lingers long after you depart. Come, explore Banavasi's unassuming charm, and unravel the stories etched within its sacred walls.

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