Wales: Extreme caving and amazing countryside

Overview: Wales is known for its vast open space and its natural beauty. We set off to Breacon Beacons National Park for some caving experience. We started our drive from London and after covering a few places on the way, we entered Wales and were greeted by amazing countryside. We saw several castles on either side of the road, and some lovely lakes and waterfalls.
The following day we started towards the caves at the Brecon Beacons National Park. We were briefed about the safety norms and were asked to wear the caving suit. We had a nice guide who was very friendly and explained about the geology of the caves. The caves are known to exist from several million of years and have been used by the pre-historic men as well. At some places it was so dark that its impossible to see without a torch light and there were alternate routes so it was very important to be in sync with the guide. The guide explained how the Stalactites and Stalagmites are formed and how some rocks glow after being exposed to limestone for several years.
Our caving session lasted around an hour and a half and we emerged to see the daylight again. The route from the caves to the base camp is also scenic with streams of water flowing on the way. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the caves as cameras are not permitted.
How to reach: Wales has direct road/rail links from England and Scotland.
Food/Accommodation: Cardiff and Swansea are the major cities in Wales with all kinds of restaurants.


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