Penang, Malaysia: Soaking in culture and history


Overview: Our visit to Malaysia kick started with a day trip to Penang. Penang is a small island in the Malay peninsula separated from the mainland by Penang bridge.
We stayed in the southern part of the island where one can find lot of companies and commercial establishments.
We started our trip with our visit to Penang National Park, which includes visits to small beaches by ferry and some unique rock formations. After that we proceeded towards Penang dam, followed by Tropical Spice Garden, which is a huge park showcasing variety of spices, rare plants and some methods to extract spices. Just opposite the Spice Garden there is a serene beach and is worth spending some time there.
Next we went to Batu Ferringhi beach which is the most popular beach in Penang and is known for water sports and adventure activities.
From the beach circuit our next attraction was Penang Hill. It is a steep climb of around 720 m and one can reach the summit on a hill train climbing slowly across the slope. The top of the hill offers spectacular views of the city and one can recognize several landmarks from the top. We could see the Penang bridge crossing the sea but the view was a bit hazy. Also the temperature on the top of the hill is always lower than the base and we could feel the cool breeze blowing which made us forget all the tropical heat of Penang.
How to reach: Penang is well connected by road with the rest of Malaysia. It also has an international airport serving the Asian sector.
Food/Accommodation: Plenty of food options available for various types of cuisines. Being a business destination as well, Penang has some very good luxury hotels.


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