Montevideo, Uruguay: The South American Odyssey

Overview: Montevideo is the largest and a very old city in Uruguay. Lined with modern and historic buildings, Montevideo provides a perfect atmosphere to stay and experience its charm along with the healthy lifestyle enjoyed by the locals here. As Uruguay has been traditionally a Spanish Colony, Spanish is spoken widely in Uruguay. Some of the prominent landmarks of Montevideo include Palacio Legislativo, World Trade Center Montevideo, Telecommunications Tower, Ciudad Vieja, Parque Batlle, Parque Prado, Parque Rodó, Forts, Fortaleza del Cerro, Punta Brava Lighthouse, Rambla of Montevideo and the Cemeteries. I take you to a picture tour of the wonderful city of Montevideo below.

Palacio Salvo, a beautiful building built in the early 1900s, was designed by an Italian architect Mario Palanti. More info on

Solis Theatre (Teatro Solis) , built in 1856 is Uruguay's oldest theatre and is currently owned by the government of Montevideo

Below is the oldest plaza in Montevideo.

Punta Carretas Lighthouse, erected in 1876, is the an important landmark of Montevideo. Its 21 meters high and its light reaches 15 miles away, flashing every 10 seconds.

Nice surprises in these parts of the world..

How to reach: Uruguay has direct flight connectivity with many South American countries, for people from outside South America, one can enter Uruguay via Brazil.
Food/Accommodation: Montevideo has some very good hotels suiting all budgets. Food is a bit difficult for vegetarians but has a lot of international restaurants


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