Bidar Fort: Living Marvel of the Bahamani Sultanate…

Bidar Fort: Living Marvel of the Bahamani Sultanate

Overview: One of the most formidable forts in India, built across a huge area in the town of Bidar was built by Bahamani Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1426-32 AD. Though many of the walls are in ruins, it stands tall and still gives an idea how secure it was from inside in case of an attack. The entrance of the fort is beautifully decorated and has massive doors leading to the interior of the fort. The fort also has tunnels and underground passageways which are closed for public now. Inside the fort premises there is an office belonging to archaeological department. Outside the office, various mutilated carvings have been displayed which belong to the Rashtrakuta dynasty which flourished in these regions.
Inside the fort also there is a Mosque called Solah Khambh mosque which is believed to be the oldest in Bidar.
Another interesting monument in the fort is the Gagan Mahal or a heavenly place. The palace has two courts, Diwan-e Aam for the common people and the inner court, Diwan-e-Khaas for the VIPs.
The evening sun looked amazing in the fort's backdrop. Not many visitors are aware of this beautiful marvel built by the Bahamani Sultanate. But its worth spending a day in Bidar if one happens to be nearby.
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For accessibility and route details please see the main post – Bidar: An interesting place at the northern tip of Karnataka


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